One of our teaching events at Chula Vista High School. We work with students to show them how to take their talent and passion and turn it into a career and a great life!

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Victory Arts brings community events to life...

Chula Vista's Got Talent

The first event, "Chula Vista's Got Talent" is a live talent show to be held at the library theatre in March 2023.  Admission is free.  There will be ten acts selected to perform live with the top three acts winning cash prizes and appearing on regional media. CLICK HERE for submission guidelines

This project is made possible in part by the City of Chula Vista and the Create Chula Vista Arts Grant.

Presented by:

Viva Chula Vista

A multi-cultural event where people from Chula  Vista will be asked to present a presentation that is deeply special to them and highlights their own culture and what it means to them to be from Chula Vista!

10,000 Words

This is a special even where local writers will be challenged to tell the story of Chula Vista through their eyes in less than 10,000 words. 

“Totally Nutzcrackers" had its World Premiere Sunday December 12th at 4pm at the Chula Vista Memorial Park Bowl.  

There is no cost to enjoy this Holiday Classic "with a twist." Totally Nutcrackers features the San Diego Ballet and dazzling array of local dancers of all ages. Totally Nutzcrakers is a 50-minute, everyone-can-love-it version of The Nutcracker with an original, upbeat musical score. 

Immediately following Totally Nutzcrackers will be a special, short ballet class for any children who wants to see how ballet is created.  All are invited to join the fun for this free family-friendly event.

Join us at the Chula Vista Memorial Outdoor Bowl where lively fun and zaniness abounds.  

Sunday December 12


For more information, send an email to

COVID information:  Masks are required to attend for everyone regardless of vaccination status.  The Memorial Park Bowl is large enough that if you have any concerns there will be seating provided that allows for at least 6 feet separation between guests. 

What began in May 2021 and took 100 days to bring to the screen, ended up being the Victory Arts team creation called "Sharing the Love." It came about during a time when all creative people were yearning to get back to work and create. The question was, how do you get 30 cast and crew together and create a Hollywood-style musical with an original script and music during a pandemic - and on a total budget of $20,000?

Luckily, a close colleague of ours at Diversionary Theatre, Matt M. Morrow, talked with us about creating the musical film project that we wanted to produce. Matt then connected me to Stephen Brotebeck, who became our director, and we were on our way.

Brotebeck said, “Most of my career has been as a director and choreographer of stage musicals. Directing a musical film had been on my list of things ‘to do’ for a very long time.”

Brotebeck goes on to say: “Finding the time and right project had never happened. That changed in March of 2021. I knew from our first meeting that Randall shared a similar passion for creating art. I also was impressed by his background in media. The connection between us was strong and I sensed a new collaborator and friend had come into my life.”

We presented the idea canvas, as they say, to Stephen and he saw the idea, but the canvas was pretty much blank when he came on board. It was up to us to find the right mixture of artists to help bring this particular piece of art to life. Randall Blaum, Executive Producer said, “One of the fun parts of my job as a producer is bringing people into a project and while this piece was rehearsed and filmed in San Diego, it was a bi-coastal effort.” 

“Our writing team of James Olmstead and Omri Schein straddled both coasts with James in New York City and Omri in San Diego. The band and all of the backup singers rehearsed and recorded in NYC while the cast and crew were strictly San Diego based. While the story centers around three friends looking for an escape from their “pandemic blues,” there are a host of other characters that join along the way. Many patrons of San Diego theatre will see some of their favorites pop up throughout the film,” Blaum said.

The time frame for this film was short! We originally started with just four days of shooting and one day to record all the vocals in the studio.  There was also just a handful of rehearsals before the team met to film the big production number at the end of the show. As always happens though, reshoots and adjustments were necessary, but by the time we got to that part of the process, everyone on board was having a such a good time that the cast and crew were eager to keep going so we could get it just right. And that is what we took away the most from this project: joy. 

Inevitably, on any project there are stressful and sometimes contentious moments. “I don’t remember them if they happened on this project because I just remember the fun, laughter, and creativity that flowed on set,” Brotebeck recalls.

We are excited to be Sharing the Love with everyone and we guarantee you will finish Sharing the Love with a smile on your face and a new thought about the power of friendship and love.  

Sharing the Love aired on Cox Cable / YurView beginning July 10, 2021 and continued with multiple showings through August 8, 2021.  There is a special 15-minute behind the scenes special that aired immediately after the film. 

Randall Blaum

Executive Producer, Sharing the Love

Founder, Victory Arts


Stephen Brotebeck

Executive Producer

Randall Blaum


David Scotland

Presented by

Subaru of El Cajon

Starring (in alphabetical order)

Julio Catano

Melissa Glasgow

Sheldon Gomabon

Director of Photography 

Steve Suslik

Music Composed by

James Olmstead

Screenplay and Lyrics by

Omri Schein


Stephen Brotebeck


Kristy Norter – Saxophone

Jeremy Miloszewicz – Trumpet

James Olmstead - Keyboards

Marc Malsegna  - Guitars

Jerry DeVore - Bass

Spencer Cohen - Drums

Background Vocals

Ashley Arcement

Kelsey Porter

Tyler Knauf


Julio Catano -- Will

Melissa Glasgow -- Taylor

Sheldon Gomabon -- Jacob

Geno Carr -- Doug

Kimberly Moller -- Debbie

Sandy Campbell -- Mrs. Fleckman

Portia Blow -- Chorister

Katie and Bryan Banville -- Couple

Not My Fault Man -- Ivis Escobar

BRZ Buyer -- Emerson Fillmore

Associates / Dancers

Randall Eames

Gabe Igtanloc

Sarah Hernandez

Kiara Geolina

Chase Lowary

Vivian Romero 

Sound Recordist 

Kevin Burke

1st Assistant Camera

Mikayla Palmer


Ashley Arcement


“Getting Away”

“Pull Through”

“Share the Love”

Lyrics by 

Omri Schein

Music by 

James Olmstead

Vehicle Wrangler

Tyler Franklin

Special thanks to 

San Diego State University School of Theatre, Television, and Film

Matt Morrow, Diversionary Theatre

Studio West Recording Studios

Assistant to Herold Hecuba

The Old Globe Theatre

Cox Cable – San Diego

Subaru of El Cajon

Austin Brawner

Paul Fillmore

Peter Dyson

Rone Isho


Recorded at Studio West Recording Studios, San Diego

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. 

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

All rights reserved.

During this production, all CDC Covid-19 guidelines and protocols were followed.  Every team member was fully vaccinated or had a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of being on set.  

This motion picture is protected under the copyright laws of the United States and other countries throughout the world. ... Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this film or any part thereof (including soundtrack) may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.